2012: In Lak’ech – Luis Valdez’s Mayan-Inspired Poem

Before José Argüelles popularized the Mayan phrase “In Lak’ech” in our Maya fans, another writer born on June 26, 1940 in Delano, California, wrote a Mayan-inspired poem in “Pensamiento Serpentino” (1971) entitled “In Lak’ech”. His name is Luis Valdez and he is considered the father of the Chicano Theater (Teatro Campesino) in the United States.

Pensamiento Serpentino is a long, philosophical poem based on the Maya-Quiche origin myth El Popol Vuh, influenced on Mayan thought and cosmology, which analyzes the cultural, religious and political circumstances of Mexican Americans and prepares a metaphysical framework for their future.

We include Luis Valdez’s translation “In Lak’ech” from Pensamiento Serpentino as an homage to our Mayan culture and Mexican-Americans in the United States. To read the full bilingual epic poem, click the Pensamiento-Serpentino-Luis-Valdez-1971.

“The Spirit is greater than all differences between languages, peoples, races, places, times. Even greater than the difference between life and death.” – (Luis Valdez. Pensamiento Serpentino. 1971).

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