2012: New Alien Mythology in Prometheus Movie

Lots of traffic in our website. Why? Blame it on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus movie and its viral trailers everywhere because the production designers have included the Lid of King Hanab Pakal as an alien astronaut (a weird idea popularized by Erich Von Daniken’s book in 1968).

The lid is now part of Prometheus’ star system where the xenomorphs are the alien species discovered in a star in our galaxy named Zeta 2 Reticuli. The trailer also includes  a screenshot with a scanned Mesoamerica map and subtitles: Mayan 620 CE and Destruction Excavation Site B in Central Teotihuacan. Hmmm…first time we learned that the Mayan city of Palenque is in the Aztec metropolis of Teotihuacan. They should fire their historical consultant for confusing the Mayan culture with our Aztec culture.

Anyway, if you want to decrypt more enigmatic codes, visit our page: From Cumku to Kankin – 2012 Alignment, which contains a description of our Solar System in the Lid of King Pakal. We couldn’t find the alien eggs with the facehuggers in the carvings. Sorry!

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