2012: Our New Mesoamerican Mythology In Space Exploration

We continue with our sci-fi discussion of worlds exploration because after December 21, 2012 we know that the next 5,000 years will be a critical period in space exploration and discovery of new habitable planets for humankind.

This time we ask Lord Pakal Ahau about comments on what he thinks the consequences of space exploration should be in our human evolution. His new Mesoamerican philosophy is interesting because he talks about memories, dreams, and new regeneration technologies in the old tradition school of science fiction.

He said, “our human arrogance is a testimony at wanting to spread our human conceits unto the very edge of the universe rather than make contact with other forms of life in order to improve our own.  We explore new worlds and photograph them looking for an ideal image of our own world. We simply want to extend the boundaries of Earth, not to understand why different worlds are as dry as the Sahara, frozen as the North Pole or lush as the Amazon basin. We as scientists lie that we want to comprehend their heritage. We want contact, perhaps with another superior civilization, as a prototype of our own primeval past. It is the same Spanish Conquest’s principles when Columbus planted the Catholic cross on the New World. It is the same Moon Exploration’s principles when Americans planted the US flag. It shows the cause of our human sufferings.”

When Lord Pakal Ahau retired to his routine meditation, he left with us a part of a poem, written by Dylan Thomas, entitled, “And Death shall have no dominion” (1936).

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