Our Virgin of Guadalupe and the 2012 Prophecy

According to the narrative of the Nican Mopohua, December 9, 1531 was the event date in which the Virgin of Guadalupe (Coatlaxopeuh in Maya-Aztec language) appears to the Mayan indian Juan Diego on top of mount Tepeyacac and requests that he petition the bishop of Mexico, Don Fray Juan de Zumárraga, that a temple be built on the spot. Juan Diego agrees to comply with her mandate and meets with the Bishop who listens to the message but does not believe his words. On his return he encounters the Virgin again who insists that he return to the Bishop with the same message the next day.

In 1979, a Peruvian scientist, Dr. José Aste-Tonsmann announced the finding of at least four human figures stamped in both eyes of the Virgin. The figures seem to be Indian Juan Diego witnessing or listening to the secret of three solar characters, Saint Peter of Rome, King Pakal of Palenque and Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton, apparently reflected in the retina of the eyes of Our Lady.

Dr. Tonsmann, studying the image for 22 years, used sophisticated image processing techniques with digitized photographs of both eyes. The image reflected in her two retinas is that of the moment when the Virgin left her imprint on Juan Diego’s tilma.

Although the interpretation is correct, the full message of the Virgin is still controversial because she spoke to Juan Diego in the Nahuatl language and it does not appear recorded in the Spanish translation of the Nican Mopohua Book, sanctioned by the Vatican. Lord Pakal Ahau attempts to explain this important prophetic message.

He explains, “according to the IBM experiments, we are sure of four figures in the eyes of Coatlaxopeuh, however the test hides one more relevant figure who is the King Messiah and the Holy Spirit blessing a blind man (see Figure below section 4) and of course, the ancient message of the Prophecy which it seems to disclose the Announced Pole Shift of Mother Earth, perhaps in 2012 or later. Although we accept that December 21, 2012 is the End of the Great Mayan Cycle based on the revised GMT correlation, I think the Virgin will announce some important news first on December 12, 2012, which is considered the day of The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. Her sign in the Virgo constellation leading to the sky alignment of the planets in the 2012 Winter Solstice leaves me with no doubts.”

We left to the reader to study the disturbing Section 3 of the image and make further conclusions; however for an interesting explanation we recommend you read in our blog the article Venus Transit: Sea of Sorrow 2012 and compare Section 3 with the Venus transit in 2012. Is it a coincidence?

The Eyes of the Virgin of Guadalupe (IBM Experiment 1979)

UPDATES FROM THE EDITOR: It is 2009 now and we are updating this blog post (2007) with more details with authorization from Lord Pakal Ahau. Below you’ll find a zoom of the Section 3 of the complete reflection test of Coatlaxopeuh. We have indicated the displacements as it might happen with the description of areas for 2012. We think it is helpful for the future.

In addition, a good scientific explanation with a high probability of The Shift of Section 3 can be read in a more recent blog under the post title ‘Polar Shift 2012? – Einstein May Have Been Right!’ Click the red link to know more.


NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: The Pakalian Group of Mexico brings always an analysis respecting the credits of authors, in particular Lord Pakal Ahau’s commentaries. It has been brought to our attention that some for-profit websites with intentional advertising, copy and paste our analysis and commentaries with modifications and no credits in order to attract visitors in search engines and bring credibility and ranking to their sites. Please do not support these websites as they do not have our expertise and knowledge.

On the other hand, we really appreciate that SpiritDaily.com (December 9, 2009) has included a link in its website of this amazing story in progress. Lord Pakal’s observations are consistent with the Chilam Balam of Tizimin’s prophecy, translated by archaeologist scholar Maud Makemson as follows: “…in the final days of misfortune, in the final days of tying up the bundle of the thirteen katuns (baktuns?) on 4 Ahau, then the end of the world shall come and the katun of our fathers will ascend on high”… “These valleys of the earth shall come to an end. For those katuns there shall be no priests, and no one who believes in his government without having doubts… I recount to you the words of the true gods, when they shall come.” (Tizimin p.16). Thanks.

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3 Responses to “Our Virgin of Guadalupe and the 2012 Prophecy”

  1. This is some pretty amazing info, and I feel like it only touches on the possibilities for the correlation between Our Lady of Guadalupe and 2012. There is a video here which has some more clues as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzFgzeRdN5o&feature=player_embedded

    • Thanks bluekachina. We think as time reaches 2012, there will be more interesting news about this discovery. Lord Pakal Ahau was the first one to correlate the facts by studying Guadalupe’s tilma (the map star) and the study of the eyes done by Tonnsmann. We think he is right about his revelations although some Catholic or Christian groups may not agree with the conclusions. In time, we will see the Truth.
      Thanks for YouTube reference.
      Pakalian Group of Mexico

  2. There will be a huge commemoration of the events og Guadalupe on December 12, 2012

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