The Mysterious Portrait of Lord Pakal Ahau


At the age of 33 in his 1985 birthday, Lord Pakal Ahau received a mysterious portrait from his Irish-Shoshone friend Mr. Byron McCallum. The portrait was entitled “Birthday Resurrection” by the artist and after a careful analysis three important features were discovered when the painting was photographed and the reflected light hit the flat surface . The photograph unveiled the following images: the first one was the head of a winged angel on the forehead of Lord Pakal’s portrait, the second was the Mayan silhouette of King Pakal in the background of the painting, and the third and most difficult one to decipher was a reversed text in Aramaic language which still is waiting for translation.

That rainy night Lord Pakal said a beautiful prayer. A greetings poem to his friend to remember the [2012] Prophecy. We include his important words and we hope to prepare this beautiful video in Spanish in our YouTube channel soon.


Here, deep inside my heart
you’re still living
and in every verb that you say
in your time
I’m feeling you.

Here, deep inside my heart
there’s a room for you too,
and whenever you want to open it
it’s yours without words.

Here, deep inside my heart
there exists a beautiful melody,
a living tree growing,
a hummingbird singing,
and its trinity song says
without you I’m dying.

Here, deep inside my heart
there’s a humble melody
long time ago,
waiting sadly for the world
to listen to my words.

Without you, I’m death.
With you, I’m life and resurrection.
Deep, deep inside my foolish heart.
(Lord Pakal Ahau. 1985.)

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: We have included a more recent blog article with further explanations, the portrait image and a link to our original website in Tripod. To go to the most recent page, click here.  Thanks for your interest and visit.


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