2012 Maya Symbol Glyph For The End Of 2012 Countdown

Our 2012 fans asked us to develop a Maya symbol at the End of 2012 Countdown. We prepared this composite glyph and although it is an abstract symbol without phonetic translation, we combined two codes that are related to the reincarnation of our Lord Pakal Ahau.

In the glyph, we used the hand glyph ‘to finish, to complete’ with the Cimi birth glyph of Lord Pakal as it was registered when Pakal was born in 1952 in the Ancient Archives of the Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees (Calderon, 1952).

We used the Cimi glyph, ‘death, reincarnation’, because we know our Lord Pakal Ahau will play an important role at the End of the 2012 countdown as we celebrate his sacred reincarnation in December 21, 2012. In addition, according to the Maya prophecy of Chilam Balam, he will open in a ritual the gates of Xibalba, the Underground kingdom of death and reincarnation during the Dark Rift alignment.

In summary, the glyphs can be translated if we follow the codes as, ‘to finish the death of the old cycle and to begin the reincarnation of the new cycle with a new Maya king’.


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