Reconstruction of Young King Hanab Pakal’s Head in 3D

From time to time we look in the search terms of our blog what people are looking for. We noticed an increase in searching for a real image of Maya King God Pakal as people only get images of the jade mask, the stone lid or a small funerary statue left in the tomb.

With this in mind, digging our ancient archives, we collected all possible angles of King Pakal’s face to reconstruct a photorealistic image of a young King Pakal when he was 35 years old, hoping this will satisfy the needs of a better image. The results were amazing when we put it all together.

In the image below, you can appreciate our reconstruction using 3D software. We love this image with the skull deformation as Mayas considered a fact of beauty in the human body hundreds of years ago. Well, there you have it from the archaeological experts of the Pakalian Group of Mexico.

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