Why Do We Sell Mayan Tees?

During the last 15 years, we have seen over and over the same comments from detractors of Lord Pakal Ahau arguing and looking for supporters between each other about certain issues. First, they say Lord Pakal is a self-proclaimed Lord forming a Pakalian religion or a new Mayan cult. These fabricated comments make no sense to us, who know the real Man. To our knowledge, Lord Pakal’s intentions are simple as he has taught us how to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner. We tell people about his Maya origin, his life and his teachings; however, maybe we should tell people that we speak Maya words of a quantum dream, or we are New Age people coming from the Indigo forest or we are mentally divergent travelling through a dimension from the Pleiades as anglos explain their 2012 theories.

They seem good propositions without rebuttal because they belong to the White moral majority of a supposedly civilized society more advanced than ours, however the Truth is our Lord Pakal Ahau is ‘The Mayan Prophecy’, (not to be confused with the 2012 Anglo Doomsday Prophecy) . In our beliefs, he is the last Holy solar child incarnated and born in our Maya land, whether you want it or not as our Maya culture predicted hundreds of years ago, and we have seen it with solid proof from his actions and his hard work to unveil our Truth. Year after year predicting with accurate precision the future days of our lives and giving to us the original teachings of balance and harmony of nature where our people live. He doesn’t need disciples to advocate for him, and we think his opponents would question other reincarnations as well, such as the Dalai Lama of Tibet as China has recently prohibited no more Buddhas incarnations because their religions, politics and science do not tolerate this ancient concept.

Many people don’t realize that in order to form a cult or a religion, the source needs to recruit people and alter the minds of the members of the new congregation, usually by physical isolation and brainwashing. We don’t do that and we will never ask people to follow Lord Pakal because they have always a choice to believe or not to believe in his charisma, however we find people who criticize our activities as we understand their fears, just as 2,000 years ago, the Sanhedrin people of Jerusalem were acting against an innocent carpenter teaching love and goodwill.

The second important issue is they criticize that Lord Pakal Ahau sells promotional t-shirts as a sort of entrepreneurial personality. He doesn’t. We do, the Pakalian Group of Mexico, because we would like to have an indigenous visible presence to represent our culture in the Internet and pay for a slow server in Mexico with a dial-up connection. How many Mayas do you know they have the benefits of Internet in their poor homes in the 21st Century? Often, people think that this service is free in the world but again they criticize our good intentions while they forget they have better resources than we do paying premium fast connections and buying the latest computers/software to read, shop or download whatever they want and have an uncivilized voice in the Internet.

They are usually a small group of people who want everyone that is not desirable for their own purposes to dissapear from forums and websites of the World Wide Web as it was originally created. We prefer not to entertain their White Wide Web dreams and their cultural relativism on the basis of its own standards because no culture is perfect. We belong only to one forum in the whole spectrum of 2012 themes and even there we don’t advertise what we sell following ethical principles. We ask for small donations through PayPal because they are a huge help but we don’t sell in popular e-commerce portals like eBay reproducing Maya stuccos and selling them as almost original pieces or cheap jaded non-indigenous jewelry, without giving one cent to our indigenous families. We promote our small products in our own website and blog, hoping people like our designs and what we offer as permanent memories of an important time, and therefore they could decide whether to buy it or not. This is the nature of our own Maya values as we pray to our God L, our god of commerce and trade, attached to the right side leg of Maya Kings to give us the opportunity to succeed in life as well. We accept the competition but not unfair attacks.

Again, it is always the same human cycle full of envy and negativity toward other people who do not cause harm or injuries but they prefer to hurt others or better burn and destroy our Maya culture and knowledge like the Spanish Conquest invaders did because in their hearts they are not happy with their lives, their own resources and their alienating environment.

To those people we think they don’t deserve further comments to acknowledge they exist on the surface of this planet. They are only shadows lingering in the dark shadows of time. A WINAKENA.

To access our central store, please follow this link at The 2012 Mayan Prophecy Store. We work very hard to bring the most professional Maya designs and we’re confident you’ll find an item that will fit your taste. Thanks for your considerations.

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