Happy Winter Solstice 2013 – From Lord Pakal Ahau

December 21, 2013 is our Mayan Winter Solstice and our Lord Pakal Ahau would like to wish you the best for this new cycle of your life.

To prepare yourself better, Lord Pakal recommends you create your own simple ritual or ceremony that day at any time. Ready? Get a paper bag and think of all the baggage you want to put inside this bag.

As an example, pick up a small stone  and say loud what you want to get rid in your life. For example, “I will put all my unhappiness with this stone inside the bag” or “I will put all my health problems with this stone inside the bag”. Once you have collected the bad things inside the bag, dispose your bag. Put it in the trash, throw the bag from a cliff, send it to the ocean, bury the bag in your garden. Use your creativity. Share your ritual with some close friends.

That’s all. Lord Pakal Ahau hopes this small miracle change your life forever and you live a very beautiful and productive life. Happy Winter Solstice 2013!


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2 Responses to “Happy Winter Solstice 2013 – From Lord Pakal Ahau”

  1. createthechange123 Says:

    Your click function on your temple page of mexicantripod.com is blocked some way. Is there another means to add to the story?

  2. createthechange123 Says:

    This worked but I was not wanting to post to the entire world. It was for suggestions not permanently recorded yet.

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