2012: Doomsday Time Is Nigh – Time Is Now Dust

With this post, we close the end of our 5,125-yr Mayan cycle on December 21, 2012; 11:00 UTC and give thanks to our Mayan fans for their support.

We learned from Lord Pakal Ahau, a really amazing man, true prophecies for 2012. He predicted President Obama’s re-election four years ago and he warned us that the most darkness event was to take place on Newtown on December 12, and yet he has kept a deep silence about the end. Maybe the prophecy ends with no events or he expects a Big Bang in the Universe. We don’t know.

However, we know the time is a memorable event as we have seen thousands of people searching for the meaning of the 11:11 Universal Time with an intensity to grasp the last seconds. It’s the 2012 phenomenon.

With this in mind, we leave our final visual representation of the 11:11 UTC for your meditation. May our Mayan ancestors bless you always!


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