2012: The Triumph of Human Sports Robotics – Oscar Pistorius

I was totally in awe watching the incredible athletic performance of Oscar Pistorius in the London Olympics 2012. He competed in the semifinals of the men’s 400-meter and although he was eliminated it was the greatest inspiration to watch an athlete with a double below-knee amputation.

What does it mean for future Olympics? In my opinion, London and the IOC have opened the door for a different kind of Olympics that probably will not see for another half century. It seems implausible but I am predicting the time when some sports events will have robo-athletes, a unique kind of athletes who will break Olympics records with fast and better performance.  The possibilities are infinite.

To summarize this post, I made a tribute to Oscar Pistorius and the future robo-athletes in a 3D render. It is the amazing human evolution in their quest for unknown limits.

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