2012: New Spectacular Mayan Temple of the Night Sun Discovered In Guatemala

A team of archaeologists have uncovered a pyramid at the El Zotz site in Guatemala. It is ornate and topped by a series of masks showing different phases of the sun. Ornate stucco is painted inside and out. It is called the Temple of the Night Sun and is dated to 350-400 CE. Work on uncovering the pyramid began in 2009. 70% of the temple has still to be uncovered.

It will be difficult work uncovering the rest of it since the Maya built new layers on top of old ones. El Zotz has one of the few carved wooden lintels with hieroglyphics to have survived the centuries. The temple was painted a deep red and would have been brightest during the rising and setting of the sun. The masks are celestial beings. They depict the sun as it moves from east to west. Jeweled bands represent Venus and other planets. The Maya lord who presided would have been linked to the sun and the sun god. The Maya deliberately mutilated the masks to deactivate the gods represented.

To read more, visit this article page at Science Daily.

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