2012: Where Is The Mayan Tomb of King Kan Balam II?

The search for beginnings is always a difficult task in science as we are told in the Prometheus movie (2012).

For example, searching for the Mayan tomb of King Kan Balam II, Pakal’s first son and successor, has always been an intrigue for archaeologists since he was the one who completed his father’s plans in Palenque. To date, no one has found the tomb or remains and it is speculated that he was buried in an underground place.

Lord Pakal Ahau says, “it is difficult to imagine a more important discovery after King Pakal’s tomb, but Kan Balam II deserves the credits for making the most important Palenque buildings. In fact, he was the founder of the Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees, the secret ancient group of astronomers-priests who made the 2012 Prophecies and was responsible for the creation of my reincarnation plan in 1952”.

Knowing that we made an interesting 3D reconstruction of Kan Balam II’s tomb hoping that one day his secrets will be discovered for the benefits of mankind.

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8 Responses to “2012: Where Is The Mayan Tomb of King Kan Balam II?”

  1. maybe he didn’t die – maybe he transcended with the Maya, leaving the unbelievers behind

    • To our knowledge, this is a concern because he was responsible for the refinement of astronomical calculations that we know today. No one comes closer to his achievements as an ancient astronomer. NASA made a tribute to him and the supercomputers programs in the Institute of National History and Anthroplogy are named after him. Thanks for your comment.
      Pakalian Group of Mexico

      • he worked for the NASA

      • Lol, maybe he was a real astronaut and he dissapeared in one of his space travels and not his father King Pakal as Von Daniken wrote in Chariots of the Gods in 1968. Maybe he is the return of Kukulkan in the Prophecy coming in a Mother Ship. Who knows?

      • maybe he is all of above and still alive today or re-incarnated however you wish to think – if you want to meet him come to Chiapas

      • I asked the Fumador about the pipe and he says that it’s a normal pipe with a bowl – it looks straight or conical but there is a bowl for the tobacco – the smoke leaving represents the earth and the sky he says.Sometimes they shove a cigar or tobacco down the pipe, for healing processes like with moxibustion.

  2. What I have gathered is that King Kan Balam or Chilam Balam showed the Maya the relationship of Venus to the Mayan Sun Cycle, and that’s how he proved his right to govern. He showed the Maya the way to enlightenment and how to work in the 4D. His main project was the meditation centre at Yaxchilan where he was called the Lord Pajaro Jaguar. In Palenque his initiation center was and still is the Templo de la Cruz, where he worked as the Shaman El Fumador (Dios L), but he was not buried there. He had to escape to the underworld with 7 dragons and is still looking to re-unite the dragons because they became lost in the underworld and still have not regained their frequency to remember. Then Lord Pakal was re-incarnated as his second son to continue the dynasty.

    • Yes, you’re correct. He was a powerful mathematician and astronomer. And your comment about reincarnation is interesting because he produced later inscriptions where King Pakal, his father, is depicted as reincarnated over and over. We can only guess what really his plans were to continue such a powerful dynasty. Thanks.

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