2012: Artistic Venus Transit With Mayan Long Count Stela

We made a visual representation of the Venus transit on June 5, 2012 as we will watch from Teotihuacan in the Avenue of the Dead with the Mayan Long Count date as a stela. Local time calculations for Mexico City are External Ingress at 17:06:00 and Internal Ingress at 17:23:40.

The image below has three sections: the first one relates to an illustration of the Pyramid of the Sun and the solar disk with a black dot that corresponds to the planet Venus. crossing the Sun It is our celebration indicating the return of Quetzalcoatl (or Kukulcan in Mayan terms).

The second section is our commemoration stela with the Mayan Long Count date for that day as part of our New Mesoamerican mythology to remember we witnessed that important event.

The third section is the explanation of the Venus transit stela ending on June 6 with mathematical calculations of days since creation using the Thompson-Lounsbury correlation constant of 584,285.

Hope you enjoy the Transit of Venus 2012 and teach your children about our planetary relations with Earth in our Solar System.

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