2012: Lord Pakal Ahau’s Healing Miracles

It seems the new Prometheus movie, directed by Ridley Scott,  offers more enigma codes about the 2012 phenomenon than we thought and we’ll have to wait until the movie is released to study many of them. Of course, the pentagonal cycle of the 2012 Venus transit will be the most important of the sacred Ahau cycle in more than 5,000 years.

Looking back at what our Lord Pakal Ahau wrote about healing miracles, in which he promises a new regeneration as in the Greek Prometheus theme, here is one page of his Trilogy, not to be missed. The including song in English makes me think that his mission is about to be completed definitely at the end of the Mayan cycle.

In his page, he wrote, “As we approach 2006, the world is going into a painful transition. Pakal hopes that this transition becomes the salvation for many. In this Flash clip, you will see the sacred body of Pakal Ahau behind his spiritual wife covering the symbolic mask of Death as he promised to his ancestors in order to fulfill the Last Great Mayan Prophecy. For those who believe him, a healing miracle will happen in their lives, whether you’re sick, old or poor. Earth shall be fair to you. That’s Pakal’s promise to many. May your tribulations and deep sorrows to come be relieved when you follow him by his side. “

More, he added an environmental quote that soon will be clear to many. He said, “The Artic and Antarctic polar regions are melting at an exponential rate. They’re the anchors of our planet. Soon will see the emergence of Pangaea Ultima taking place to form a new and different brave world. The past is the key to the future.” (Lord Pakal Ahau, 2004).

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: An interesting observation of Lord Pakal Ahau when he agreed to be photographed in 2004 in the image below is that in the left corner the symbol represents Chiron, which is his astronomical reincarnation birth trademark. Chiron is the Wounded Healer, half horse and half human. who renounced his immortality and changed places with Prometheus (Hmmm!… Is Ridley Scott’s Prometheus telling us something about the far out realms beyond as compiled by Lord Pakal Ahau’s enigmatic Mayan codes? How did Lord Pakal Ahau know that Chiron existed in 1952 before the minor planet was discovered in 1977?). It is an alien mind-boggling story!

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2 Responses to “2012: Lord Pakal Ahau’s Healing Miracles”

  1. Where are you going? Can you take me with you? May I walk with you by your side? I’m a daring person. All I know is love. I am being called to be very daring. Others are asking me to come but may I come with you?May it be they come,too.

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