Alien Prometheus Movie and Mayan Venus Transit 2012

It seems film director Ridley Scott was illuminated by the prophetic vision of Lord Pakal Ahau when he decided to produce the new alien-esque Prometheus movie in 2012.

One thing that immediately got our attention was the time indicator (June 8, 2012), when the movie will be released for public consideration and entertainment. As you may know, the important Maya date of the Venus transit in 2012 is June 5-6. Coincidence? We think not.

The next aspect of the movie is that director Ridley Scott talks about the  creation of  a groundbreaking mythology, a very similar observation as Lord Pakal Ahau has constantly reminded us of the birth of a new Mesoamerican mythology for 2012. A thrilling idea that will test our physical and mental limits and strand us on a distant world, where we will discover the answers to our most profound questions and to life’s ultimate mystery. It all sounds like Lord Pakal Ahau’s revelations for the Mayan Final Prophecy in 2012.

According to the sketchy plotline of the movie, “Prometheus is also largely based on the creation of mankind, life and the Earth. From the recent synopsis publicly released by 20th Century Fox, we can determine roughly that Prometheus involves a team of scientists, “The Company” representatives and robot / synthetics which investigate and search for keys to unlock man’s ultimate mystery. But in the process, they threaten the future existence of mankind and are faced with unimaginable horrors.”

Again, it seems all the mythological connections are given and soon we will see if our Mayan culture predicted correctly that our evolving technology will lead us to new discoveries about the creation of mankind and new species.

“The Search for our Beginning could lead to our End” – (Tag line from Prometheus Teaser Poster. 2012).

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: I found the physical similarities between the new Prometheus promo hologram and the Mayan 3D portrait of Lord Pakal Ahau are too relevant to ignore, in particular the distortion and height of the nose as well as the shape of the mouth. Does the new Prometheus announce the return of the god Kukulkan or the appearance of Lord Pakal Ahau as a protogod in 2012? Both Mayan gods are scheduled to emerge at the same time. Is Ridley Scott identifying this event as a secret enigma code?

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9 Responses to “Alien Prometheus Movie and Mayan Venus Transit 2012”

  1. I had to share my blog where the Bethel stone was hidden. It was what was found under the Knight’s flagstone at I noticed you have thrills at Blueberry Hill…this is code from Putin to find the stone and he remembers all to be done.Nicholas Roerich art Treasure of the World was painted of this site.See my blog. My emails may be blocked, but try to get through. Comment to my blog as this seems to bypass censorship.You happen to roost where my last life I had my church.

    • Thanks for your comments. Very interesting your research. We remember a similar statue/stone was discussed in Dire Gnosis 2012 years ago (, however our memories fail to link to the article. You can search in the old Dire Gnosis 2012 on articles written by Vincent Bridges related to Rennes-le-Chateau. On the other hand, the Putin code was given to us by Lord Pakal Ahau as a teaser to our Mayan Prophecy store. There’s an old article written by Lord Pakal Ahau (, in which he mentioned Dr. Rafael Girard, a Swiss anthropologist who gave a secret book to Lord Pakal for his 15-year old initiation. Interestingly, Dr. Acosta, the 33rd Grand Masonic Master of South America, ended the initiation with the statement, “TO DAGOBERT II KING AND TO SION BELONGS THIS TREASURE AND HE IS THERE DEAD.” That was the most important statement from Dauniere’s original demon and the continuing legacy of Christ.
      Pakalian Group of Mexico

      • I am telling you the Stone which your final statement alluded to was MOVED to Salome Jug in Arizona. I was given the necklace to find the place and locate the incarnation. When I saw V. Sharon Stone in the Putin Blueberry video, I knew I HAD to locate it exactly. He remembered. I had all the code that would be there.Read the latest blogs which is Under the Knight’s flagstone which had the two on their “horse of God” heirous gamous thing setting (seeing) the king of the world reigning. It belongs to the lineage of Dagobert ll and was where he was buried at Rennes-le-Chateau. This along with a bone of Magdalene in the vial was the find besides directions. There is more in the Jug.

        I am torn between just writing out right and maintaining this initiation game to prevent those not in this game clouding things which I suppose was why the mythology play. Of course, you play the mythology game to have the energy to do settings or so it has been in the past.On seeing things do NOT use Camelot, King Arthur. It need be pristine. In 2008 we got through to Putin from a forum who announced his September 12 Family Contact day be extended with pay for a week and focus on the Ringing Cedars series. I had mentioned we needed the orgasmic energy to break the Montauk horrendous fourth Reich rippling over we needed to compete with.This was to fall the economy globally to open space for 2012 and I suggested we use the Ringing Cedars series meme. It’s all I thought we mutually knew that had enough energy of a totally positive paradisical nature…devoid of suffering in its thought form. Still the stone joins realms holographically at a more set in stone nature.

        If you look at the Knight weighted down by the world (at RLC entrance)referred to as Asmodeous to cloak things, you notice the two bloodline tails united visioning the crown which appears this time to be BETWEEN seeing it together makes a V and is done UNDER the Blazing Star or Bethel stone and they are over a pool of shallow kind of water zone.

        Here is one of those “initiation” kind of things on the Stone:

        It is not my work. If you enlarge the female cave picture, you can see code of letters, the cross, the gold nugget angled down from the ‘S’, the play to find the elements to add up to 22 on the 10,11 how I was taught. I have them detailed elsewhere. The spider/octopus is seen in the videos also here. There truly is a white horse made by nature here.

      • Again, thanks for your fascinating comments. I mentioned to Lord Pakal Ahau what you wrote and he referred us again to the book Holy Blood Holy Grail, written by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln. It’s no coincidence that he included this reference in his first website ( He says all the enigma codes are given in this documentary book. In addition, he mentioned that if you trace the current pentagonal cycle of Venus (Madeleine’s symbol), ending in 2012, you will find at the center the hidden code of Dagobert’s empire as it was shown in the movie Revelation. However, I’m inclined to speculate that the center of that 5-sided star is what you refer to a point in Arizona. Let us know about your continuing research in the future. Thanks.

      • I agree with you on so many topics. I really enjpyed the Revelation movie banned many places. I was born under heavy Leonid showers and UFO’s surrounded the hospital. Another heavy “Leonid” shower out of the blue was during our ceremony of the Harmonic Concordance of November 8, 2003 which set the 9 year count down until the Grand Alignment. I had spoken of this since I was four years old telling my brother then if all I hadn’t spoken of wasn’t becoming apparent, then in 50 years we could re ask God.I had told him the star of David had to circle the globe not just the pentagram hot spots. He built the star himself. Calling the directions the over cast sky cleared with being spoken in sign to settling too a complete circle rim with brilliant stars withh winds comind first from the North then proceeding from each direction counter clockwise. Then NINE shooting stars landed right near the ceremony causing wonder if the woods was going to catch fire. Like bottle rockets right around us. As he was counting them off I realized it was just confirming the 9 year count down heralding. An amazing column formed in the center showing many things which came from the blue orbs all organizing. Then we were to await the line up with Venus and the Pleiades by 2012 particularly Alcyone. In my central crystal from that ceremony an imprint came rainbow colored with copper like rim of a 3D type star of David for the perfected heirous gamous ahead for 2012.I had other activities created gold streaks in my crystal which some wanted me to smash my crystal to verify making the gold. I wouldn’t ruin my crystal for a shallow cause. Dan Brown waited to publish his book for this astronomical marker nothing could stop the truth from spreading on the san graal story. He wrote it several years before. This began being heralded of its coming in January 2003.We were able to gate people across during the Concordance linking them into certain of our groups astrology. We noticed that certain of us with certain abilities had distinct astrological markers and those returned here with full other life memories all had the same pars fortuna.

        I mention this Salome Jug site now as the spring seems the best for crystal waters. In the summer is even a period of red algae which may be what is referenced in Le Serpent Rouge

      • I assume you would like this video heralding the situation.

        May I post links to this website of your and your history links? I remember you disabled links to your you tubes so wanted to honor your position. For your information the Stone is the black rock oval on the male arch picture. There is a “T” of sorts and two circles in the female cave. You put the “T” hold the upper bars and insert in between the two circles to begin work with them, but the anointing situation is UNDER the arch. Exodus 20:20-26 was given from RLC code on the situation Lore is King Solomon sent his guys to Ophir so nothing was “hewn”.This was here.It took a 3 year trip journey to bring back the objects so they weren’t hewn. You can hold this T device and what you hold clearly in your mind manifests…gold or what ever.It is the seeing stone pair, urim and thummin you tie on with silver. You can fly ships with the T but not necessary once you know how to sing it back and forth.Not that I am hung up on gold.FIRST who ever is ordained to be Christ has to be anointed. Not the other order. To blank slate and have full power with evil/opposition just no more in existence, be anointed FIRST.

        Here is one in code for the initiated. I am tired of all these fear issues of posting in code with far out diversions added. Judas is quite high over NSA and all U.S. intelligence so the opposition is beyond these weavings such as referring to the christed one as yet nonanointed as the devil/Asmodeous when that was so untruth. Fraticide is a red herring to get across the message of where the stone is. The numerology of 22 is 4. Look at the male arch.3 sections. 1 creation oval stone.

        I can see how my astrology works with Putin as it was easy to come by the numerology to play and we mirror numerology so it was easy. Your birth name is an unknown so this blocks this. My birth date is 10-15-54 1:17AM Tucson, AZ St. Mary’s Hospital. I am no astrology expert.I got taken to an initiation when I turned 16 I ran away from as these guys didn’t seem that enlightened and what I knew they wanted me to do I wasn’t going to do.It was where I learned how important this astrology and numerology was to the Vatican and masons. I had just watched Rosemary’s Baby. They knew the Project Destiny stuff (some of it but twisted) I knew but these guys were usurpers as far as I was concerned.They knew I was Destiny 681 but left out the Destiny ONE…681 so I knew they weren’t the real inner group. I told them they’d better go get a back up model as serving me making me chose them was not in the game plan and it was my choice because I am that I am.It was through set up coersion,deceit and lure with their position and craftiness/ego who had flown in. It is through heart, sacrifice out of love selflessly that choices are known.

        Your Mexican Horse site has alot of 404 pages. Perhaps if you could link me the heart of the enigma code pages here then I can see them.Thanks.So do you have this whole thing mapped out you plan to do for these May 20th and June 6th dates? Are there RSVP’s?

      • Hi,
        Thanks for the info. You may post back links as long as they’re relevant to your website. YouTube does not accept links to prevent spam. The MexicanHorse website in Tripod is the old website of Lord Pakal Ahau and we tried to transfer most of the important information to the blog archives. Some info might have been lost and we don’t know if it can be recovered it because the written diaries of Lord Pakal are private and sometimes he does not allow access. However, it might appear in in the Wayback Machine as a backup if that helps. Peace to you always.

  2. Greetings.

    You missed the central code in Scott’s release date of Prometheus. 8 June 2012 is a multiple of 260 days from 22 August 1952, the “birth” of Pakal Ahau. (21840 days is 260 x 84).

    The Holy See has been rabidly following their own date codes in a similar fashion (using 322, 777, 513 and others) since the times of the Roman Empire. Once they discovered the sophistication of the Central American/Mayan calendar and historical culture (early 1500’s), they made it their aim to eviscerate the entire society (ala the Spanish) and then use the information to their advantage over a very long range planning scheme.

    The mania surrounding 2012 is their entire creation.


    • Yes, I agree and you’re correct. We mentioned, the Transit of Venus in 2012, only one of the enigma codes in Prometheus about the creation of mankind, but we didn’t delve into the mathematics and the reincarnation birth of our Lord Pakal Ahau. Thanks for including the info in our post. By your side always.
      Pakalian Group of Mexico

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