2012: Cydonia Mars Alien – Mayan Olmec Face

The annual Mesoamerican theme for the celebration of Lord Pakal Ahau’s 59th birthday turned out spectacular. I got the idea of rasterizing the Cydonia face image that NASA took in high-resolution.

After doing the artistic job, I felt very proud and proceeded to show it to Lord Pakal Ahau. In his infinite wisdom, he told me ” mix the Mars face with the Olmec face and you’ll see something terrifying”.

Although not happy about his comment, I went to my computer desk and began to render his idea for hours until something happened. The result was indeed terrifying. I saw a humanoid face with a reptilian look matching most of the facial features. For sure, Lord Pakal knows something that is intriguing and probably it is part of the 2012 Mayan Prophecy.

The design is now available in our store and the t-shirt can be ordered in this section so you can amaze your extraterrestrial friends. I’m sure one of them looks like the Cydonia face on Mars when they arrive in 2012.

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