2012: Megaearthquakes and USA Nuclear Plants

Lord Pakal Ahau is an incredibly educated man who got his education in the United States. He achieved his first masters degree in Nuclear Engineering at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) thirty-two years ago and he was the last generation of nuclear engineers of that rigorous academic program.

After the Sendai earthquake/tsunami which caused a huge damage to one nuclear plant in the cooling system, he commented, ‘ In the United States most of the risk assessments of built nuclear plants in that nation are obsolete. The infrastructure is old and the American public does not know the contamination risk that could be exposed should an accident like the Japan’s megaearthquake happens in USA. However, it is a good step that President Obama has ordered to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission a revision of all nuclear plants. If we cannot find a permanent solution to the energy problem we will vanish like Mayans towns did centuries ago’.

Hmmm…this is a rare comment from Lord Pakal Ahau. What does he know about 2012 that keeps him in vote of silence? Maybe we need to read his lips more carefully as 2012 approaches the end of the Maya calendar.

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