2012: Mayan Betelgeuse Supernova Glyph – Celebrate The End Of The Prophecy Now

We’ve designed a great supernova glyph since Betelgeuse, a dying star, might definitely go with a big boom in 2012, that is the End of the Mayan Calendar. The famous red giant star, twenty times bigger than our Sun, has finally turned into a viral buzz in the Internet.

Lord Pakal Ahau made a strange statement about Betelgeuse. He said, ‘watch for the wormhole the star is going to create at the end of its life.” Whatever means it doesn’t look like a great feature for the Orion constellation, which is 600 light-years away. Maybe we’ll know more in the future but something is telling our instincts that the astronomers, including NASA space agency, are not telling the full story to the media.

To celebrate Betelgeuse’s demise, we’ve added our additional vector design in the Watchers section so you can order your fantastic galactic t-shirt.

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