2012: Is Ruben Blades A Mayan 2012er? The Chilam Balam Song

Singer Ruben Blades is a famous personality in Panama and is much admired throughout Latin America, and managed to attract 18% of the vote in his failed attempt to win the Panamanian presidency in 1994. In September 2004, he was appointed minister of tourism by Panamanian president Martín Torrijos for a five-year term. He holds a law degree from the University of Panama and a master’s in international law from Harvard University.

In 1996, he produced the CD ‘La Rosa de los Vientos’ (The Rose of the Winds), in which he included an interesting song of Chilam Balam and his prophecy of the Final Judgment. The lyrics mention the 13th Ahau Katun at the end of the Maya Calendar on December 21, 2012.

We’ve translated the song from Spanish into English for the reader’s entertainment and consideration, although we think the intention of the song was directed mainly to the 2012 End of the World.

“When the prophecy of the 13th Ahau Katun ends
it will happen that we’ll see the Itza.
When the sign from heaven comes
there in Tancah
it will happen that we’ll see the Itza
He will arrive there in Tancah!

You’ll see the Itza
there in Tancah!

The prophecy says it
you’ll see the Itza
from the temple in Chilam
there in Tancah!
The sun will shine during the night
and you’ll see the Itza.
The day of the Final Judgment
there in Tancah!

It will be a new day
and we’ll see it.

From heaven the promise
it will be a new day and we’ll see it.
He will give light to Earth
it will be a new day and we’ll see it.
Quetzalcoatl will arise
it will be a new day and we’ll see it.
From Cuzco to Tenochtitlan
it will be a new day and we’ll see it.

And when that day arrives
you’ll see the new Itza
finally bringing the Truth
there in Tancah!

To those who don’t believe
they will believe
and they will see the Itza
when America will shine
there in Tancah!”

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