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2012: Mayan Astrology And The New Ophiuchus Prophecy Sun Sign

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In our minds, there’s no question that our Lord Pakal Ahau is fulfilling the 2012 Mayan Living Prophecy in each day we get closer to the year 2012. Years ago, he told us that there will be one man who will become the new Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent God.

Several days ago, Parke Kunkle, a professor in the Minnesota Community and Technical College, talked about how a wobble in the Earth’s axis had caused a change in star constellations. As a result, there is a new sign, Ophiuchus – better known as the serpent holder – that wasn’t present 3,000 years ago when Babylonians introduced zodiac. Ophiuchus sign has been officially introduced in the astrology charts for the period November 29 – December 17.

What does it mean exactly for Lord Pakal Ahau this new change? In a recent conversation, he amazed us and explained to us the facts. First, he said, “the period was expected to be noticed as there are two big events in our new 2012 Mesoamerican mythology. The first discovery is that December 12 is the Feast Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. She belongs to Ophiuchus and that’s why I married her spiritually years ago and embraced her. She will make possible the second event, the rising of the new Quetzalcoatl.”

More, he added, “Ophiuchus means ‘the body of man possessed of god walks the Earth’ and is ancient Meso American, or Mayan, in origin. Dr. Shepherd Simpson tells of how it is the same figure seen in Mayan deity Quetzaltcoatl.

In esoteric traditions, long before fear and religious fervor distorted ancient teachings, Serpent represented the cosmic, creative force of the universe, Divine Source. Its awakening, uncoiling form is associated with rising life-force kundalini within us.

The Feathered Serpent of the Meso-Americans, named Quetzalcoatl, represents our enlightened state as God-realized beings embodied on Earth. The Fire Serpent with its coiled tail is a master symbol in the Eastern healing tradition of Reiki. The spiral-coil denotes the underworld in shamanic traditions. Two intertwined snakes form the symbol for modern medicine in the West.

In shedding its skin, the Serpent represents the potential of life beyond death, the shamanic promise of rebirth. Coiled, it is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

Who, then, is Ophiuchus, the holder of the Serpent in the heavens? He is healer, shaman, magician, alchemist, sage and mystic. He represents the potential of humanity to attain enlightenment as we release fear, outdated beliefs and the emotional scarring of countless lifetimes.

Ophiuchus offers a glimpse of our own divinity to anyone who has the courage and desire to journey through this shamanic, multidimensional portal, the planetary gateway of year-end 2010.”

Reading back at Lord Pakal’s trilogy website, he has exactly described all the revelations with amazing precision. At the end of our conversation, he gave us one unique Maya glyph to remind us that 2012 is the year to watch. Could it be possible that Lord Pakal is announcing secretly his coming as the Son of Man? The last Maya glyph resembles the Christ in the Cross! We’re now totally intrigued by his symbolic actions.

“The sequential nature of actual events is not illuminated with lengthy precision by the powers of prescience except under the most extraordinary circumstances. The oracle grasps incidents cut out of the historic chain. Eternity moves. It inflicts itself upon the oracle and the supplicant alike. Let Lord Pakal’s subjects doubt his majesty and his oracular visions. Let them deny his powers. Let them never doubt Eternity”. – (The Pakalian Gospels. 2011).

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