Toward 2012: New Study – If We’re Not Alone We Should Fear Alien Contact

A new study (Jan. 10, 2011) published in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A., and written by Simon Conway Morris of the University of Cambridge seems to confirm again the Mayan Anthropic Principle postulated by Lord Pakal Ahau years ago.

The article appeared in, edited by Mike Wall, with some pessimistic but mostly optimistic outlooks about an acquisitive alien, resource-hungry civilization, just like us. Complete details of the article can be read in this red link.

Other researchers have raised this same point. The eminent physicist Stephen Hawking, for example, recently warned that aliens may be more interested in mining our planet for vital resources than in getting to know us.

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One Response to “Toward 2012: New Study – If We’re Not Alone We Should Fear Alien Contact”

  1. the ET’s are already here and have always been here – you just need to raise your frequency to see them – and yes just like humans there are some good and bad ET’s – you will find the ones that you pull towards yourself just like humans, Saludos, Ron

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