2012: The Other Conquest – A Great Aztec Film To Watch For The End Times Of The World

The Other Conquest (Spanish: La Otra Conquista) is a 2000 Mexican feature film (re-released theatrically in 2007) written and directed by Salvador Carrasco, produced by Alvaro Domingo, and executive produced by world-renowned tenor Plácido Domingo.

The film is a drama about the aftermath of the 1520s Spanish Conquest of Mexico told from the perspective of the indigenous Aztec people. It explores the social, religious, and psychological changes brought about by a historical process of colonization that both defined the American continent and is also highly reminiscent of today’s neocolonialism.

It is regarded by top critics (e.g., Kevin Thomas, Richard Nilsen, Larry Ratliff, among others) as one of the best cinematic explorations on the effects of colonization and also “one of the more astonishing feature film debuts in recent memory”. The Other Conquest depicts the complex fusion that took place between the Catholic faith brought to Mexico by the Spaniards and the Aztec beliefs of the indigenous natives.

SYNOPSIS – It is May 1520 in the vast Aztec Empire, one year after the Spanish Conqueror Hernán Cortés arrived in Mexico. The Other Conquest opens with the infamous massacre of the Aztecs at the Great Temple of Tenochtitlan (what is now called Mexico City). The sacred grounds are covered with the countless bodies of priests and nobility slaughtered by the Spanish armies under Cortés’ command.

The lone Aztec survivor of the massacre is a young Indian scribe named Topiltzin (Damián Delgado). Topiltzin, who is the illegitimate son of the Aztec Emperor Moctezuma, survives the onslaught by burying himself under a stack of bodies. As if awakening from a dream, the young man rises from among the dead to find his mother murdered, the Spanish in power, and the dawn of a new era in his native land – a New World with alien leaders, language, customs… and a new God.

Representing the New Order is the Spanish Friar Diego (José Carlos Rodríguez). His mission is to convert the “savage” natives into civilized Christians; to replace their human sacrifices and feathered deities with public Christenings and fealty to the Blessed Virgin Mary. With Topiltzin, Friar Diego faces his most difficult spiritual and personal challenge, for when Topiltzin is captured by Spanish troops and presented to Cortés (Iñaki Aierra), the Spanish Conqueror places Topiltzin’s conversion under Friar Diego’s care.

Old world confronts the New as Topiltzin struggles to preserve his own beliefs, whilst Friar Diego attempts to impose his own. Moreover, throughout the film, a fundamental question arises: Who is really converting whom?

The Other Conquest broke box-office records upon its 1999 release in Mexico by Twentieth Century Fox, “enjoying the biggest opening weekend of any Mexican film in history on its home turf.” (The New York Times) When it was released in Los Angeles the following year, it grossed 1 million dollars and was selected as one of The Los Angeles Times’ Top 10 Films of 2000. For more production details, visit this red link to learn more and don’t forget to visit also our amazing 2012 Mayan Prophecy Store.

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