2012: The Mayan Religion of Our Lord Pakal Ahau

In this post, we explain an interesting subject: the Mayan religious philosophy of Our Lord Pakal Ahau for 2012 and beyond. Bear in mind that this is part of the 2012 Final Mayan Prophecy and we believe in it because he was born or better reincarnated with that purpose.

Previously, Lord Pakal Ahau explained to us that the sacred ritual of death has been corrupted for thousands of years by mankind with man-made rituals and he issued, with his infinite wisdom, a final revelation called Maya Liquid Palingenesis to correct the human path of the soul. From the comments we received, an angry reader said, “that the concept was the work of the Devil and we better leave this work to God”.

To us and to Lord Pakal Ahau we say, ‘here is a way to make humanity aware of itself as the TOTAL creation of God.’

In Lord Pakal Ahau’s religion, there are five forces dominant in the Earth Imperium, which have shaped those beliefs:

1. The Catholic Bible, expressed in the Commission of Ecumenical Translators, also known as the Holy See or the Vatican.

2. The genetic manipulation of modern scientists, who privately denied they are a religious order, but who operates behind an almost screen of impenetrable mysticism, and whose training, whose symbolism, organization, and internal teaching methods are almost wholly religious.

3. The agnostic ruling class for whom religion is a kind of puppet show to amuse the populace and keep it docile, and who believe essentially that all phenomena – even religious phenomena – could be reduced to mechanical expressions. (Read the interesting article, written by Clif High in the Web bot HalfPastHuman – WooWoodo.)

4. The so-called Ancient Teachings, – including those preserved in the Zenzunni of the first, second and third Islamic movements, the Mayachristianity of the Chilam Balam’s, the Buddhist variants, the Blend Books of the Mahayana sūtras and the Zen teachings of Bodhidarma.

5. The fifth force, Space Travel, who has shaped religious beliefs. A poorly communicated experience subject to extreme distortion in which the Genesis has been reinterpreted permitting God to say: “Increase and multiply, and fill the Universe, and subdue it, and rule over all manner of strange beasts and living creatures, on the infinite earths, and above, knowing that the god of machine-logic has been overthrown over the masses and a new concept has been raised, “MAN MAY NOT BE REPLACED…”

That deep and profound realization that all religions have one common comandment allowed Lord Pakal Ahau to issue his 2012 final Maya revelation, as described above, ” Thou shall not disfigure or destroy the soul”.

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