2012: New Mexican Blackletter Typography for Mayans and the World – Pakalian Normal Font

Reading about the popular Mexican Blackletter font we found a great Maya project to do inspired with the ideas of our Lord Pakal Ahau for 2012. If you are not familiar with this type of Mexican typography, we recommend you read this excellent article with illustrations, The Mexican Blackletter Typographic Tradition. Although the original and rigid Mexican Blackletter font has been associated with Corona beer, cholos and gangs tattoos, Lord Pakal wanted to bring a more elegant identity to Mexico. This is how the new Mexican Blackletter typeface was born. We call it the Pakalian Normal font.

The project was not a simple task because Lord Pakal Ahau wanted to apply Gestalt principles, Maya shapes and the legacy of the original Mexican Blackletter font. In addition, he wanted a font identity that could represent true illuminated manuscripts and documents of the Pakalian Group of Mexico for future generations beyond 2012.

After many hours of debate, the ideas merged into one solid concept that we offer here for your entertainment and considerations. The result was a final font, an elegant Mexican Blackletter that brings the identity of the Pakalian Group of Mexico in all its glory. Below, you can find the font compilation database.

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