2012: The Tuning Experiment – Empower Your Mayan Memories Before It’s Too Late

Discovering the truth about 2012 coud be fatal to anyone of us and our Lord Pakal Ahau knows it. We have not written a post for a while expecting that Lord Pakal continues with his 2012 revelations.

We are watching for recent crop circles that definitely include enigmatic messages to Lord Pakal but he does not want to explain them further. The last one contains a mysterious reincarnation message to him with an empty unfinished circle that left us confused. Lord Pakal helped us with the secret codes.

He only added a written paragraph to the multiple metaphors he uses hoping that we will understand his intentions. Here’s his message.

” First, there was darkness.
Then came the Strangers.
They were a race as old as time itself.
They had mastered the ultimate technology–
the ability to alter physical reality by will alone.

They called this ability “Tuning.”
But they were dying.
Their civilization was in decline,
and so they abandoned their world,
seeking a cure for their own mortality.

Their endless journey brought them to a small, blue world…
in the farthest corner of the galaxy.
Our world.

Here, they thought they had finally found…
what they had been searching for.”

We found this paragraph is from a movie intro where the Strangers try to imprint genetically with the only living person on Earth who can resist the Tuning and alter his own physical reality. Hmm…we already know the twisted riddle of his identity. The idea that a single human mind can master the process now and forever is mindboggling.

“They will say you’re one of them. Don’t believe them. They want to become like you. Follow your memories.” (Lord Pakal Ahau – 2010).

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: It is interesting to read this recent fascinating article from Examiner.com entitled, “Will extraterrestrial “disclosure” or contact happen in 2012?”, written by Mr. Alfred Lambremont Webre on April 23, 2010. It definitely confirms the ideas of Lord Pakal Ahau and his Mayan Anthropic Principle related to a probable alien invasion of Xibalbans, starting in 2012. According to Lord Pakal, it will be a catastrophe and definitely the next extinction of humankind. You can read more about Lord Pakal’s ideas in Maya Xibalbans and Maya Anthropic Principle, written in 2007. What really baffles me is how Lord Pakal uses the above film metaphor with the beginning, ‘First, there was darkness’, the same phrase of the Tortuguero Monument 6 Prophecy of 2012.

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