Our Controversial Votum Sanguinis Store and 2012 Mayan Prophecy

We don’t have to tell you the amount of hate email from Christian groups we have received since we opened the Votum Sanguinis store on July 2010.

In a candid conversation with Lord Pakal Ahau, I asked him if we were ready to accept the challenge of 2012. His answer was a definitely no. He added, ‘the Mayan prophecy is very complicated in its interpretations but we are making progress to fulfill it‘.

I continued my inquiries and asked him what else we need to do to fulfill the words of our Maya prophets. He said my Trilogy is complete but the Pakalian Group’s work is not. We need to make an awareness of the darkness that is upon us.

This is how the Votum Sanguinis store was born. A t-shirt store with the Maya promise of Lord Pakal Ahau to bring enlightenment to the dark shadows of time. Some may ask if Lord Pakal Ahau worships the Glory of the Devil. His answer again was no. He added, ‘I worship the divine light that comes from the shadows. When the demons arrive in 2012 those alive would be better off dead’. Interesting wise quote from him.

I kept asking to our Lord to elaborate more about the 2012 Prophecy because he is always silent about it. Hesitating to my words, he continued, ‘Didn’t I warn you this would happen? Be on guard, I said. For the Evil One never rests. I said exorcise the Devil. But no, they didn’t listen. The demons inside them grew and grew. Until Satan is ready to give its signal. And destroy the world we knew.’

In a firm voice, he continued, ‘Didn’t I warn you? Pray I said…Destroy the Devil, I said…they didn’t listen. I could have saved the world, but now it’s too late. Too late!!!’

He finished his conversation in a somber tone with me, adding, ‘There is a curse on Mankind. We may as well be resigned. To let the Devil, the Devil take the Spirit of Man’.

For what is worth I think he finally declared his prophetic statement about 2012. And he gave me his best wishes to complete the Trinity of our design stores. To visit the Votum Sanguinis store, click the red link and order the survival apparel.

I’m Dark Votum, a member of the Pakalian Group, and you can read my Gothic blog, Votum Sanguinis, with the most recent dark designs and illustrations following this link. See you in 2012!

2012 Mayan Prophecy Store
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