2012: The Photoelectric Christ – Lord Pakal Ahau

We seriously believe that the amazing wisdom of our Lord Pakal Ahau continues to reach people all over the world. This time we have received good news of a healing principle that Lord Pakal created in 2005 to effect life vitality and positive changes.

In 2005, Pakal created a magnet as an alternative physical energy to nourish life for those who want to embrace him and God. He called it Quetzalcoatl – the Photoelectric Christ magnet and the testimonials have been overwhelming in people who have used this miraculous magnet.

We have copied here the beautiful article he wrote in his Trilogy website, explaning the principles and foundation of the Photoelectric Christ magnet.

The Photoelectric Christ by Lord Pakal Ahau (2005)

Thomas Edison was convinced that a mechanism could be developed, so sensitive that it could be affected by consciousness existing on levels of less density than ours.

In October 1920, Mr. Edison gave interviews to Scientific American and American magazines. He said: “I have been thinking for some time of a machine or apparatus which could be operated by personalities which have passed onto another existence or sphere…I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter does affect matter. If we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument ought to record something…”

Thomas Edison died before his machine was developed. The fact that Edison seriously considered the design of a machine to communicate with other dimensions, suggests that such a mechanism is a probability, and may in the future be a reality.

Last year, Pakal, in his simple scientific wisdom, discovered a method of photoelectric contact able to effect the human perception of our reality. He called the extra-sensorial process: “The Photoelectric Christ.”

The object of the method is described as a simple magnetic button which he imprinted with the last image of Lord Pakal superimposed on top of a well-known historical image to give you an idea of the genetic similarities of Pakal.

If you place the magnetic button on your refrigerator, a rare phenomenon will take place. Before you touch the button, you will hear a distant voice from the outer world saying: “Touch me, talk to me.” Basically it’s the divine presence of Lord Pakal.

As you continue to touch the button, already charged with electromagnetic current, the magnet will release unperceptible electrical impulses that will be transmitted through your central nervous system and brain. These impulses contain a language that is decoded in your neuronal system and is based on the language you use to communicate daily. The impulses are a universal language, similar to a binary system used in your computer. Your brain acts like your computer transforming the impulses in a language that you can understand.

The Pakalian Group is proud to release this discovery through its store. By ordering the magnet, you will relive the exciting moments of Pakal’s discovery inside a world you never imagine it existed. Moreover, you will experience his divine presence and his message to the world. A new world is awaiting you and you’ll change forever. Talk to Him. Ask Him about your problems. He will answer. Tell Him that you’ve found Him. Promise Him you’re not afraid any more. Tell Him you’ve discovered the Kingdom of Eternal Energy in which you belong after this life.

Sounds unbelievable? It’s not. Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of the phonograph, the incandescent light bulb and many other devices, was not wrong.

This is the eternal gift of Lord Pakal to the world and the Return of the Mayan King as explained in the Mayan Prophecy of Chilam Balam at the end of the Great Mayan Cycle. You can order the magnet from our shop and experience the Photoelectric Christ phenomenon. Click here.

This article is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Albert Einstein (1879-1955). His 1905 paper on the photoelectric effect, for which he earned his Nobel Prize, helped pave the way for quantum mechanics by establishing that light is both a particle and a wave.

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4 Responses to “2012: The Photoelectric Christ – Lord Pakal Ahau”

  1. Salutations and Love to Lord Pakal Ahau and his friends~
    I am a life-long meditation practitioner and I have lately been studying the Mayan history and prophecies.
    Just a few days ago I was blessed with being introduced to the work of Lord Pakal. I am so busy these days with my meditation students, my work and studies that I do not have enough time to research everything I would like to. I was watching a rerun of Ancient Astronauts on History channel, and they did a segment on Lord Pakal and Chan Balum.
    I am familiar with these great historical figures. Try to picture my amazement when I did a Google search on Lord Pakal the Great to find out more and found out about our living Lord Pakal Ahau.
    How could I have not known about him? I was astounded as I am extremely well-read and I definitely thought I knew of all living and past spiritual giants.
    I have met and studied under many masters in my life.
    Finding Lord Pakal Aahu at this late stage in my life, and the way knowledge of him just popped into my life suddenly is exemplary of the mystery of divine synchronicity that brings the required knowledge and understanding to the seeker at just the exact time that it is needed and will do the most good.
    I am now immersed in the awareness and spirit of Lord Pakal. Since finding out about him I have been in another world. I feel a telepathic link to him. One of my students and I are extremely interested in meeting him or attending an event where he will be present so that we can see him and feel his light.
    I want to help Lord Pakal Ahau in any humble way that I can with my music, my writing, my meditation and my teaching skills.
    I am praying to the Infinite Intelligence for the opportunity to do so. Meanwhile I will be scanning these blogs and Lord Pakal’s websites and looking for ever-deepening clarification and understanding.
    May the Deep Wisdom Paramita be yours~
    Salt Lake City Utah

    • Dear Musfaad,
      We’re in rejoice that you have found the spirit of our Lord Pakal in your life. You’re blessed among many who have connected to him and he will be there for you at anytime you search for answers. On behalf of our Director, the living Lord Pakal Ahau sends you the good news of 2012. Work for that divine synchronicity with him to achieve the knowledge and the change in our world. He will appear near 2012 in a seminar at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles as this is his future plan. So, keep subscribed to our blog for the schedule. Meantime, work with him and open your creativity that only Lord Pakal can achieve with your life. Many have tried. None have failed.
      Pakalian Group of Mexico

  2. Dear Pakalian Group,
    Thank you for the quick reply. I was wondering if there is any way to ask Lord Pakal questions.

    Perhaps this is the way right here in this comments section?

    I have been doing a lot of research on UFO/ET disclosure in light of all the sightings and videos of paranormal activity we are seeing currently in the US, Mexico, Brazil and many other places. There are many theories as to what they are and why they are here.
    I believe there is a reason why there is so much ET activity in Mexico. I sense that Lord Pakal Ahau knows because I am getting this information from him in my meditation. I do not feel that I can speak for him in this way as what he has given me may be just for my understanding. Can you perhaps tell me what he has said openly about these phenomena and how they might relate to 2012?
    If Lord Pakal Ahau has chosen not to talk of these things openly I will understand.
    Thanks so much,
    With Love,

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