2012: Mayan Relationship of Celtic Book of Kells to Lord Pakal Ahau

As 2012 approaches, we are wondering in silence how the Mayan-Celtic roots of our Lord Pakal Ahau will play in harmony for the Great Date Event on December 21, 2012.

On one side, we have the Mayan influence with the Prophecy of Chilam Balam of Tizimin. On the other hand, we have the fascinating Celtic plan that the Ancient Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees brilliantly designed for hundreds of years to produce genetic perfection and evolutionary enlightenment in the sacred body of Lord Pakal Ahau. All I can say is there were a lot of religious monks working together in secret.

In our Lord, we have a merge of ideas that if the prophecies are to be fulfilled, you do not want to miss this holy event. Putting apart for a moment the Mayan prophecy, we have from Lord Pakal’s archives the additional prediction of his Celtic ancestors, in the St. Patrick’s prophecy (Important! Please read my confusion of names below in Notes From The Editor), from the Church of the Culdees, explained in this relevant post.

Recently, we were looking at the Celtic Book of Kells’ beautiful illustrations and the secret codes are overwhelming. If you study the illuminated manuscripts you can find Pakal’s blood relationship to days as early as to St. Patrick’s life in the Latinised form of Cenondæ, bearing at a somewhat later date the name of Cenannus and Kenlis. Kennansa was its old Irish appellation. Within its narrow precincts to-day there are still standing three very ancient and well-known Irish stone crosses with characteristic carvings on them; the old church of the Culdees, the rebuilt remains of which date from the year 1578; a round tower—one of the many to be found still in Ireland; and a building which has long been described as the House of St. Columba.

You can read more of the Celtic Book of Kells in this great website of sacred texts and the analysis written by Edward Sullivan in 1920.

In addition, to prepare for this great event in the life of Pakal Ahau at the end of our calendar cycle, we are opening our Celtic designs in this additional site, Votum Sanguinis store, with a charming vow to memorialize the mythology of a great esoteric nation, which engendered and contributed with their genes one of the most enigmatic personalities of the XXI Century. The Great Lord Pakal Ahau.

We hope our efforts will not be in vain and that you would enjoy our continuing work toward 2012 or be entertained by our ancient curiosity from the topics of our diaries.

“Silence is golden. (Lord Pakal Ahau – 2010).”

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Today Lord Pakal Ahau pointed our confusion with the Celtic prophecy and clarified some ideas from his diaries. First, his Celtic paternal ancestry comes from the Welsh St. David, son of King Sant, of the Ancient Order of the Culdees in Iona, not St. Patrick, as the Celtic prophecy is attributed also to St. David as he posted many years ago in the royalty.alt. forum.

Interesting, the same prophecy is confirmed previously by Columba of Kells with the title Senanus (Cian aneas – “Cian from the South”) in which the physical Second Coming of Christ, to be King of Ireland, is foretold: an event that will finally defeat the English Davidic monarchy (the actual German-Saxons dynasty), unite Ireland under Christ’s sovereignty and bring peace and prosperity to all of its people.

We copied here the same prophecy from this reliable website because the old website link of the Ancient Order of the Culdees does not exist in Internet after the death of the Chief Abbott; however it includes relevant information. Also, a PDF document has survived and entitled The Origin of the Culdees (1998), explaining St. David’s prophecy in his position as Celtic Bishop of Wales, living until AD 601.

SENANUS (ra chan – riot).

Impart to me (Columba), O Senanus (Cian aneas Mor),
Information concerning the latter ages of the world;
What shall be the condition of the race of people,
Who will not observe rectitude in their judgments.

The King (Christ) son of Saxon will come
To join them across the sea;
He will part with the sovereignty
Of the Gall in the country whence he will come.

The Galls and the Gaels of Ireland,
Will unite in one confederation;
Against the forces of the Saxons,
Their confederacy cannot be dissolved.

The King (Christ) son of Saxon (Isaac’s sons) will come
At the head of his forces;
In consequence of the protection he will extend to them,
Ireland shall be freed from her fears.

One monarch (Christ) will rule in Ireland,
Over the Galls and the pure Gaels;
From the reign of that Man,
The people shall suffer no destitution.

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  1. in one of the “estelas” in Tortuguero Tabasco was founded the last date that mayas wrote… 2012… and some people relate to the Chilam Balam prophecies… look in Google Book about that the book is by the UNAM

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