2012: Mayan Reconstruction of King Hanab Pakal’s Royal Throne

We were curious about the architecture of King Hanab Pakal’s throne in Palenque and we were surprised Maya archaeologists have not sketched this piece of ancient treasure. In fact, we could not find good references where the legendary King Pakal sat to receive their foreign visitors.

We asked Lord Pakal Ahau for help and he elaborated an interesting diagram with the architectural configuration. With that version, we had the task to reconstruct in 3-D the elements and apply the proper textures in stone and stucco. Lord Pakal also said not to confuse the Palace’s throne with the famous tomb dedicated to King Pakal.

Important iconography elements were added to the reconstruction such as the Royal Seal of Palenque in the central part of the rear wall and a grid element on the floor. Lord Pakal says that, according to Mayanist Ing. Hector M. Calderon (1966), this design grid has dissapeared due to heavy traffic of visitors and erosion. The design grid has also been observed in floors of Maya monuments such as the Palacio de Zacuala, in Teotihuacan, in the Chamber, now closed, of the Pyramid of the Magician in Uxmal, and in El Castillo located in Chichen Itza.

Calderon adds that these grids are a mystery because they were designed with geometric diagonals related to ancient astronomy and mathematics,  and he regrets that archaeologists have not found enough motivation to search for its functional purpose. Lord Pakal also included the Royal Seat in the design. Notice also that the steps to the throne are to the sides indicating that no one was to face the Maya king at a closer distance.

Here’s our 3D reconstruction for your curiosity and entertainment. Enjoy our hard work knowing we are good Maya experts in the Mesoamerican culture.

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