2012: Lord Pakal Ahau – Tomb Defender (Mayan Design)

To celebrate the birth anniversary of our Lord Pakal Ahau is always quite a challenge in choosing a Mesoamerican theme that represents his living work year after year.

This year I was lucky to find a new design for his birth celebration knowing that Lord Pakal has become a tomb defender of King Pakal’s tomb and finally, INAH has prohibited the public access to his ancient sarcophagus’ tomb. Thanks INAH for the cultural appreciation!

Our theme design can be ordered in this section so you can celebrate Lord Pakal Ahau’s reincarnation birth this year and embrace his work. The design is interesting because I have included some ancient symbols that belong to Masonic and Illuminati groups, which are real secret societies that exist only for world domination. As you probably know, Lord Pakal Ahau and the Pakalian Group of Mexico refuse to belong to their secret rituals.

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