2012: Lord Pakal Ahau – His Mayan Vote of Blood

I am totally fascinated how our Lord Pakal Ahau started his first website of the Trilogy, The Search of Lord Pakal in the 21st Century, many years ago. Currently he is writing a paper in the Mayan precession of 2012 with some discoveries that you will not want to miss.

In his first website, he included three features that totally captivated my senses with their revelations. The first one is the text with his 2012 Votum Sanguinis – 2012 Vote of Blood – his return to the Palencan land that I include here and many Mayan fans have copied and pasted in their sites over the years. It is really a poetic vote asking for the wisdom of our Maya ancestors.

(Votum Sanguinis – Voto de Sangre Materna)
“Ancestors, true bloodline, I ask you for your guidance.
Bring me your solace and your wisdom.
Blessed Mother, come to me in my dreams with the Gods’ desire for my future.
Blessed Father, watch over my people under the stars.
Let them use the land and water and keep them safe until my return.
Whisper to them in their sleep that I live only to hold them again and all else is dust and air.
Ancestors, true stones, I honor you and will try to live with the dignity you have taught me.”

– Lord Pakal Ahau, Palenque, Temple of the Inscriptions, Winter Solstice 2012 A.D. – Mexico.

– En Espanol –

“Antepasados, verdadera linea de sangre, les pido su guia.
Traiganme su paz y su inteligencia.
Madre Bendita, ven a mi en mis suenos con el deseo de los Dioses para mi futuro.
Padre Bendito, vigila a mi raza por debajo de sus estrellas.
Dejalos usar la tierra y el agua y mantenlos salvos hasta mi regreso.
Susurrale a ellos en sus suenos que solo vivo para abrazarlos de nuevo y todo lo demas es polvo y aire.
Antepasados, piedras verdaderas, Yo los honro y tratare de vivir con la dignidad que Uds. me han ensenado.
-Lord Pakal Ahau, Palenque, Templo de las Inscripciones, Solsticio de Invierno. 2012 A.D. Mexico.

The second feature of his website includes a sound clip that really awakens the mental force of a man that knows he has been born as the powerful reincarnation of King Hanab Pakal. A fact confirmed by our shamans. Every time I listen to the sound I get chills all over my body. A true living Maya reincarnation has come to enlighten us.

The third feature is an image that he calls The Xibalba Promise, which he includes some mysterious writings about him and the End of 2012. This one is even more confusing because when I read it I do not know if he refers to his past kingdom or his kingdom in the near future. It almost resembles Jesus Christ’s words in the Bible. I cannot resist to relate him with the second coming of Quetzalcoatl. Is Lord Pakal our new Kukulkan?

His definition of the word Apocalypse, also written in his website, baffles me because he describes the event associated with a reincarnation of past lives in another dimensional world.

Apocalypse: a genre of revelatory literature with a narrative framework, in which a revelation is mediated by an otherworldly being to a human recipient, disclosing a transcendent reality which is both temporal, insofar as it envisages eschatological salvation, and spatial, insofar as it involves another, supernatural world. (Lord Pakal Ahau – 1985).

Well, that’s our Director. Long live to the New King!

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Oh, my! When I wrote this post I never thought we were opening Pandora’s Box on Lord Pakal Ahau’s Maya spells. As you probably know, he is a powerful reincarnation that has lived in Xibalba, the Underworld Kingdom, and he sometimes cites spells as his Votum Sanguinis because he has been a dead spirit for hundreds of years to fulfill the Maya prophecy. The Votum Sanguinis is a popular known way to crown the Source with the powers of the Underworld and resurrect the dead ones to protect you, or any other who deals with the occult. As D. H. Lawrence quotes, ” the dead also helps the living”.

In the Latin language, for those who want to engage into dark forces, I include the complete verse from Halliwell’s Book of Shadows, but you’ll have to find out the rules of the ritual. We are not teachers of occultism.

His verbis invocamus
potentias tremendas
fontis ipsius
In hac hora descendat malum

Et coronam imponat
super virum electum.

Malius into exitus omne.

In addition, I’ve made the t-shirt design (this one has not been authorized by Lord Pakal Ahau), but it will help to dress properly and protect you from vicious demons. To order your shield, click here. You’re on your own and don’t unleash what you don’t know!

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