2012: Commemoration and Creation Stela for Mayan Calendar End

This post is a great exercise in Maya writing and creation of glyphs. We got the idea following the Quiriguá school style of scribes and carvers to produce a stela, which commemorates the end of the Maya calendar with prophetic revelations at the completion of the thirteen bak’tuns, happening on December 21, 2012.

Our director, Lord Pakal Ahau and senior epigrapher, helped us improving the style gaps of the ancient glyphs, and gave us a good twist for a new Creation cycle of Maya times. We thank him for his prophetic vision toward 2012 and we hope his amazing revelation will come true.

But first, here’s the complete transliteration of our new stela:

“It was 4 Ahau 3 Kankin (December 21, 2012)
when the image was manifested
and three stones were set.
The gods planted it
with the help of
Jaguar Paddler and
Stingray Paddler.
It happened at the
new First-Five-Sky.
In his Jaguar Throne Stone,
he planted the first stone,
the first US black president, Obama.
It happened at Earth-Place
when the Serpent Throne Stone appeared,
and then it happened the stone was set by
God Na Itzamhi.
Then, the Waterlily Throne Stone appeared,
it happened at Lying-down Sky during the Cosmic Alignment.
The First-Three-Stone Place
completed the 13 Bak’tuns.
It was his action by
Lord Pakal Ahau.”

Now, we include the image of the stela so you can make your own conclusions and research about our great Mesoamerican knowledge and vision. Our New Mesoamerican Mythology in action!

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Incredible work how Lord Pakal Ahau manifested this beautiful revelation before time.  This post was published on May 9. On May 10, President Obama names Elena Kagan as Supreme Court Nominee. She’d be the third woman on the court — the most ever — joining Justices Sonia Sotomayor, whom Obama named last year, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whom Bill Clinton named in 1993. The Jaguar Throne Stone has appeared!

” He, who masters the calendar, understands the science of prophecies. I’m the original seed.” (Lord Pakal Ahau – 2010).

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