2012: Chac Mool Sacrifice Statue – Hearts Wanted

Chac Mool is the name given to a type of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican stone statue. The Chac Mool depicts a human figure in a position of reclining with the head up and turned to one side, holding a tray over the stomach.

The meaning of the position or the statue itself remains unknown but the statue served as a sacrifice repository of the blood, offered to our ancient gods, accumulated from young hearts for many centuries.

Chac Mool statues are found in or around temples in Toltec and other post-Classic central Mexican sites, and in post-Classic Maya civilization sites with heavy Toltec influence, such as Chichen Itza. For more details about the statue, you can visit this link.

Our Mesoamerican design, in high resolution, of Chac Mool can be purchased in this section of our Maya collection with a selection of several background colors. Thanks as always for your interest in our 2012 blog.

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