2012: Nuke The Stars – The Great Mayan Wars

Ever wonder why these two Maya superpowers Tikal and Calakmul were engaged in a war called The Great Star Wars? Lord Pakal Ahau said, “These wars were not the common wars as we know it. These Maya towns were not fighting humans but gods in the stars. There are not detailed chronicles to describe the amount of people who went to sacrifice themselves. Perhaps, one or two million. Perhaps, more. I’m glad they didn’t know the force of the nuclear power but in the future rest assured history will repeat again”.

Pakal’s sentient vision is for sure part of his New Mesoamerican Mythology and his words speak the future of humanity. We have made this nuclear design with Tikal’s symbol to remind you our Lord’s words.

The high-resolution print can be ordered in this section of our Maya collection as a treasure for your casual wear needs.

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