2012: Alien Life Contact Could Be Lethal To Humanity

Beautiful mathematical minds speak alike. One is the greatest astrophysicist of all times, Stephen Hawking. The other is Lord Pakal Ahau, who we consider the greatest Maya timekeeper of the XXI Century. Both speak of an alien life in the Universe. Both understand the inevitable contact is a threat that could be lethal to humanity.

In our blog, we have included an interesting article written by Lord Pakal (2007) so you can make your own conclusions. The article is entitled 2012 Mayan Anthropic Principle: A Logical Proposition.

Recently, Dr. Hawking has come forward with similar conclusions. The newspaper The Epoch Times has published an article on April 25, 2010, “Stephen Hawking Advises People To Avoid Contact With Aliens“.

It is also noteworthy to say that Lord Pakal Ahau was a SETI member twelve years ago. One night, his computer detected a second WOW signal in his assigned space quadrant that SETI is still investigating. He dismantled the software and abandoned the popular SETI project.

“If an alien invasion happens in this planet, don’t expect humans will survive the event. The invaders only want our resources and use our young Sun in the galaxy.” (Lord Pakal Ahau -2010).

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