2012 Is Eternity, Brother

The most popular 2012 quote of Our Lord Pakal Ahau now in print in our Maya collection. A must-have for Maya fans who want to embrace Lord Pakal and the 2012 Final Living Prophecy.

This design was a response to what others are saying about our Director Lord Pakal Ahau. The man is real and we assume he will prepare a 2012 presentation during that year. So, don’t miss this rare appearance in Los Angeles.

Links to other interesting sites where they mention Lord Pakal’s work are Earth Changes and the Pole Shift (an article written by Clif High – March 2010) and About 2012 Apocalypse ( a book written by John Claeys).

Our print with great legible fonts can be purchased in this section of our Maya collection. It is a fantastic collectible.

“2012 is Eternity, Brother. This is the End of the Line. No one can return. This is forever.” (Lord Pakal Ahau – 2008).

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: We noticed a similar idea to what Pakal said years ago in a new pending movie based on perhaps Isaac Asimov’s best novel entitled The End of Eternity, soon to be released in 2012. For a synopsis, click here.

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