Choosing An Original Baby Name In Nahuatl Language For 2012

Here is a collection of Nahuatl names that we seem appropriate for female and male babies should you plan to have a baby and celebrate the magic of 2012. This has been a popular trend in the last five years in USA and Mexico and it has had a regular growing pattern among parents. Congratulations for your newborn in 2012!


AKAPICHTLI : handful of reeds
AKATL : water reed
AKAUXOCHITL : sunflower
AKAZIHTLI : hare of the reed bed
AKETZALLI : precious water
AKOLNAWATL : near the water’s bend
AKOWATL : aquatic serpent
AKZAYAKATL : universe observer
AMEYALXOCHITL : spring flower ( water spring )
ATLANXOCHITL : sea flower
ATLETL : fire and water ( life, multiple force )
AWACHTLI : morning mist
AXIUHTLI : turquoise
AXOLOWA : he who has ajolotes ( type of lizard )
AYOTOCHTLI : turtle rabbit ( armadillo )
CHALCHIWITL : that which is precious
CHIAUKATL : caterpillar serpent
CHIKOEHEKATL : seven wind
CHIMALAXOCHITL : water flower shield
EHEKAKOWATL : air serpent
EHEKATL : the wind
ILWIKATL : cosmos
ILWITEMOK : descending cosmos
ITZAKOYOTL : white coyote
ITZAKPAPALOTL : white butterfly
ITZKOWATL : obsidian serpent
ITZPAPALOTL : butterfly of light
IXTLILIPAKATL : happy face
IXTLILTON : black face
IXWALXOCHITL : flowery plant
IZPAPALOTL : obsidian butterfly
IZTAKAZTATL : white stork
IZTAKECHOLLI : white flamingo
IZTAKIAWITL : white rain
IZTAMIXKOWATL : cloud serpent
IZTAMIZTLI : white cloud
IZTAMOTZAN : white horse
IZTATLOTLI : white sparrowhawk
IZTAZONTLI : white hair
IZTATLAOLLI : white corn
IZTAXOCHITL : white flower
KECHOLLIKETZALLI : precious flamingo
KETZALIWITL : precious world
KETZALKEN : ketzal clothing
KETZALKIWITL : precious rain
KETZALKOWATL : precious serpent
KETZALMAKITZU : ketzal bracelet
KETZALTOTOTL : precious bird ( ketzal )
KETZALZIWATL : precious woman
KETZAXILOTL : primordial corn
KIAKETZALLI : precious rain
KIAUHTEKATL : lord of the rain
KIAWITLETL : rain of fire
KOCHIPILLI : sleepy child
KOPILLIKETZALLI : precious headdress
KOWAPAKI : happy serpent
KOWATLAKTOA : talking serpent
KOWATLAWAK : celestial serpent
KOYOTL : coyote
KOZAUTLEKWILLI : yellow brazier
KOZKAKUAHTLI : necklace eagle
KUAUHIXTLI : eagle face
KUAUHKOATL : eagle serpent
KUAUHPOPOKA : smoking tree
KUAUHTEMOK : descending eagle
KUAUHTLEKO : ascending eagle
KUAUHTOCHTLI : tree rabbit (squirrel)
KUAUHTONAK : solar eagle
KUAUHXIKALLI : water gourd
KUAUHZIN : respectable water
KUAUHZIWATL : eagle woman
KWIKAPEUPEKAYOTL : song begginings
MAKWILXOCHITL : five flower
MALINALLI : small herb
MALINALXOCHITL : herbal flower
MATLALKOWATL : dark blue serpent
MATLALTOTOTL : blue bird
MATLALXOCHITL : blue flower
MAZAKOWATL : deer serpent
MAZATL : deer
MEXIKATL : Mexican
MEZTLIXOCHITL : lunar flower
MIAWATL : maize ear
MIAUHXOCHITL : maize flower
MIKIZTLI : restless or stillness (death)
MIKTLANTEKUHTLI : lord of the stillness
MIZKOWATL : cloud serpent
MIZTLI : pluma
MOWANIPAHPAKI : with you i’m happy
NANAKATL : mushroom
NANZIWAN : dear mother
NAWAYAKATL : four reed
NAWIMAZATL : four deer
NAWIOLLIN : four movement
NAWITEKPATL : four stone
NIYOLPAKI : i ‘m happy
OHTOKANI : traveler
OMETOCHTLI : two rabbit
OZELOPAN : ocelot banner
OZELOTL : ocelot
OZOMATLI : monkey
PAINALZITLI : fast hare
TEATZELWANI : he who brushes with water
TENOCH : hard prickly pear
METL : maguey
TEOTLETL : energy of fire
TEKITZILWITL : venerable hummingbird
TETLAZOHTLANI : love giver
TEZKATLIPOKATL : black smoking mirror
TEZKAWITZIL : hummingbird of mirrors
TEZAPAPALOTL : respectable ash butterfly
TLAHAYESTLI : red blood
TLAKAYAOTL : man of war (warrior)
TLALTEKATL : person of the earth
TLALTEKUHTLI : lord of the earth
TLAMAKAZKE : wiseman
TLANEZATL : morning dew
TLATLAUKITEZKATL : red mirror (sun)
TLALYOLLOTL : heart of the earth
TLAZOZIWAPILLI : young loveful girl
TLILKOWATL : black serpent
TLILKWETZPALLIN : black lizard
TLILTLOTLI : black sparrowhawk
TLILTOTOTL : black bird (crow)
TOCHKWITLAPILLI : young rabbit face
TOLTEKATL : an artist
TONALPAPALOTL : solar butterfly
TONALKOZKATL : solar necklace
TOPILLI : our son
TOTAHTLI : our father
TOTOLANAWAK : bird of Anawak
TOZITLI : our grandmother
WETOCHTLI : old rabbit
WEZIPAKTLI : old caiman
WITZILATL : water hummingbird
WITZILLIWITL : hummingbird feather
XIUHKOZKATL : turquoise mirror
XOCHIKETZALLI : beautiful flower
XOCHIKOZKATL : beautiful necklace
XOCHILIZTLI : moon dream
XOCHIMETL: maguey flower
XOCHIMITL : flower arrow
XOCHIPAPALOTL : flower butterfly
XOCHIPITZAWAK : small flower
XOCHITL: flower
XOCHITLAKETZALLI : small evening flower
XOCHITLAKTOLL : he who possesses the waters
XOCHITLANEXTLI : morning flower
XOKOWATL : dear cocoa
YAOKWIXTLI : sparrowhawk of war
TOAZIWATL : woman warrior
YETLANEZI : cosmic morning
YOLOHXOCHITL : heart flower
ZANTZONMEKATL : four hundred ropes
ZEMPOWALXOCHITL : twenty flower
ZITLALKOWATL : serpent of the stars
ZITLALMAKWAWITL : baton of stars (makwawilli)
ZITLALTLAZOH : star of my love
TONALNA: mother of light
HIUHTONAL: precious light
YOLTZIN: small heart
IZEL: unique, one of a kind
ZELTZIN: delicate
XOCHIYOTL: heart of gentile flower
IXCATZIN: cotton-like
CITLALMINA: comet tail
TLANEXTLI: brillance, radiance, splendidness
NOXOCHICOZTLI: necklace of flowers
NELLI: truth
YOLIHUANI: source of life
TEOXIHUITL turquoise, beautiful, divine
XICOHTENCATL: angered bumblebee
UEMAN: venerable time
TLACAELEL: diligent person
EHECATL: wind serpent
TLANEXTIC: western light
TONAHUAC: single posessor of light
UETZCAYOTL: essence of light
ZIPACTONAL: peaceful light
XIHUITL: comet
XOCHICOTZIN: small flower wreath
TEPILTZIN: priviledged child
TLAZOHTZIN: loved one
HUITZILIHUITL: feather from hungry bird
YOLYAMANITZIN: considerate
XOCHIQUETZAL: most beautiful flower/feather
YOLOXOCHITL: flower of the heart

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