2012: Eternally Milky Way – Our Mayan Print

Astronomy is a lot of fun and our Maya astronomers had a really good time creating an integral mythology of the Universe with planet Earth.

Lord Pakal has said that “dreams are to individuals as mythologies to societies” and definitely, his mission at least to create a New Mesoamerican Mythology is achieving the success he wants. It is a continuation of his work to preserve the legacy of our Maya ancestors for the future.

Our new astronomy design reflects this eternal principle in the movement of our lucky galaxy, The Milky Way. A fact that was understood very clear by our Mayas when they represented it with the Ollin movement symbol.

This time, we leave the reader with a modern illustration of our galaxy, eternally moving and without time pauses. Expanding our consciousness to an unknown place that we can not predict in our Universe.

To order this beautiful high-resolution print in our apparel, click the red link to visit that section. It is part of our 2012 Maya celebration.

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