2012: Mayan Rites Of Passage – Alien vs Predator

In the movie Alien vs. Predator (AVP-2004), the story of the film narrates a war of deadliest alien creatures engaged in a confrontation on planet Earth.

Interestingly enough, the screenplay mentions the Mayan Long Count Calendar as the basis of the final battle in Antartica and previously fought in a place similar to Teotihuacan. According to the Mayan mythology, before the Creation Date ( 4 Ahau 8 Cumku), two species of the Xibalba race went into the ultimate battle with humans as part of the catastrophic sacrifice. No wonder the subtitle of the story says, whoever wins…we lose.

We have extracted from the screenplay the flashback that describes the original Xibalba invasion as told by Sebastian, the archaeologist who reads the glyphs inside the pyramid.

Flashback: earth – 5,000 years ago

The blue green planet seen from space. A Predator spacecraft approaches for the very first time.


Thousands of years ago these hunters found a backwater planet.

EXT. primitive settlement – night

A bright light descends from the sky and night becomes day. PRIMITIVE MEN and WOMEN emerge from their hovels to stare up at the heavens in amazement and fear.


They taught humans how to build and were worshiped as Gods…


Four great Pyramids are under construction. Directly above each hovers a Predator Spacecraft. It’s a stunning image.

In the foreground, on the steps of the first Pyramid, primitive TRIBAL CHIEFS prostrate themselves before their “Gods”.


Every hundred years the Gods would return … And when they did, they would expect a sacrifice.


Chosen sacrificial VICTIMS are anointed by TRIBAL PRIESTS. As the Victims lay back willingly on the sacrificial stones, an ALIEN EGG is revealed at the foot of each slab.

CLOSE ON ONE EGG as it begins to open and the spider legs of a FACE HUGGER start to emerge.


Humans were used to breed the ultimate prey.

CLOSE ON ONE OF THE VICTIMS as he convulses on the sacrificial slab. The skin of his chest begins to distend. Something is forcing its way out.


The Hunters would battle these Great Serpents …


The Predator stands atop the Pyramid. He holds the head of the Alien aloft. He is triumphant. Above him, a Predator Spacecraft descends through the electrical storm.


To prove themselves worthy to return home to the stars.

EXT. Another pyramid – ANOTHER Night

The top of the Pyramid. Three Predators in a defensive formation, fighting back-to-back. The CAMERA PULLS BACK to reveal dozens of Aliens, circling and attacking. The CAMERA CONTINUES to PULL BACK, revealing even more Aliens pouring up the steps of the Pyramid to attack. Hundreds of them. Perhaps thousands. The Pyramid is alive with Aliens, like some giant anthill.


But if the Hunters lost … They made sure that nothing survived. Total genocide.

Just at the moment when the Predators are about to be overwhelmed, they activate their SELF DESTRUCT mechanism. A powerful shockwave sweeps across the pyramids, vaporizing everything in its path. Scattering Aliens before it, blowing them limb from limb. Like a miniature atomic bomb.


An entire civilization wiped out overnight.

The searing white light of the explosion OBLITERATES the image —



Sebastian looks up from the hieroglyphics.


So the humanoids, the hunters, they brought those creatures here to hunt?


And they use us like cattle. We’re hosts for them to breed in.


So we didn’t discover them.


No. The heat bloom was designed to lure us down here. This whole thing was a trap. Without us there could be no hunt.

A composite image highlights this section of the AVP movie with disturbing features of the Xibalba alien invasion.

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