2012 Mayan Owl Glyph and Crop Circle 2009 Discovery

The year 2009 was a strange year for crop circle messages and Lord Pakal Ahau recognizes that the messages are becoming more Mayan-oriented as we reach 2012.

We did not have a chance last year to comment on this crop circle with an owl appearance, which was discovered on August 10, 2009 and reported by Lucy Pringle website overnight in a field in Woodborough Hill, near Alton Priors.

Some speculated that the crop circle was a tribute to Harry Potter’s pet Hedwig, but in reality this version was borrowed from a glyph found in Tepoztlan, Morelos, according to our archives. As a matter of fact, the first person to post this design in the Internet was Lord Pakal Ahau in his Trilogy website, when he referred the owl design as The Tecoltl Way (The Wise Way) in his 2012 Golden Path of Human Memories article.

We have reproduced the authentic version of this glyph for our t-shirts. The decodement of the original glyph is very simple. The owl is surrounded by 24 divisions. Each one divides the oval in 15 degrees. The most interesting feature is the beak of the owl, which it is shaped in a similar fashion to the Cimi glyph, the Mayan glyph of death and reincarnation, which also denotes Lord Pakal Ahau’s reincarnation birth on August 22, 1952.

If you are interested in purchasing our version (we modified the position of the eyes so it does not look too alienesque), click the red link to go to that section of our Mayan central store. Thanks for your considerations.

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