Design Of A Mayan Gravestone For 2012

We received this strange request from a 90-year old lady who says in her email she would like to design her gravestone before 2012 with a beautiful Mayan symbolic theme.

As we are not experts in spiritual architecture, we asked our Director Lord Pakal Ahau to help us design this piece of headstone. Lord Pakal diagrammed the object in a most beautiful way and gave us his interpretation on why he designed it that way.

The blue granite piece has two parts, the bottom section with a pyramidal shape is where the inscription goes with the name and date/age period of the decedent. The top part is the Mayan Arch of Labna in a slightly modifed version, which was created by Mayans as a unique and original architectural arch to represent the door to other worlds.

Then, Pakal chose the inscription from Philippians 2:12, “Work Out Your Own Salvation With Fear And Trembling”, to mark the year 2012. Here’s the final result. Thanks Lord Pakal for your creative work! We’re sure the lady who wrote to us will be remembered forever.

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