2012: In Mayan Waiting For Pakal Protogod

If our Lord Pakal Ahau would be a superhero for Marvel Comics, he would be called Pakal Protogod. A real character with extraordinary Maya and heroic powers.

And perhaps, we would venture to cast the Hollywood actor Colin Farrell to play the leading role in the Marvel production movie, in which the final battle develops against Mictlan, the God of Chaos and Destruction, in 2012.

The truth is Lord Pakal Ahau is really a superhero in normal life. He physically trains in Los Angeles, California, young firefighters, US sailors, college football players, and even young wrestlers to fulfill their hardest dreams as he was taught by his mentors. He is a man of action for all actions as a role model.

To inspire our Maya kids, we have included this 3D illustration waiting for the final outcome in 2012 of a man who carries on his shoulders the most beautiful and ever told heroic story of the XXI Century. Long live the Maya superhero Pakal Protogod!

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