2012: Metric Dimensions of Mayan King Hanab Pakal’s Tomb

Are you curious how our Maya priests designed King Pakal of Palenque’s tomb as his last resting place?

In 2002, our Lord Pakal Ahau had the task to compile and verify the metric dimensions of his reincarnation tomb. Pakal made all the calculations and gave his interpretation as a mathematician and priest based on true Maya units of measurements. His article is in Pakal’s Trilogy website for your reading.

Here’s a repost of the image that Pakal diagrammed for his website. In summary, the following conclusions can be postulated:

  1. The sarcophagus was designed based on the physical proportions of King Pakal’s body and the symbolism of the number 7 as the Supreme God of the Maya Universe.
  2. The chamber was designed based on the spherical astronomical dimensions of the Maya universe.
  3. The lid was designed as a time machine to mark the solar days around the sun or the conjunctions of important planets in the Mayan Venus calendar.

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