2012: The Child (Video With Maya Sanskrit Music)

A fascinating video for Mayan videophiles. We have included this work in our new multimedia channel for your entertainment.

The production is set in the future in 2012 when Mictlantecutli in all his fury sends the serpents of the desert while Lord Pakal ascends and becomes the ruler of the Mayan tribes. During the confrontation, Pakal drinks the Water of Life to defeat Mictlan, the god of chaos and destruction. If Pakal loses the world is destroyed completely. No man has survived this sacrifice in the Maya legends and hopefully our Lord Pakal Ahau will become immortal.

The beautiful musical composition is played by the band Enigma. The first part is sang in the Sanskrit language. Click here to go to our channel and enjoy the video.

2012 The Child - Mayan Video

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