2012: Sacred Calmecac House of Quetzalcoatl Logo

We posted a long time ago how Lord Pakal Ahau received his early education from perhaps the last Sacred House of Quetzalcoatl for noble children in Mexico City in the 60’s.

Coincidentally, La Jornada newspaper published in the February 22 edition that the Aztec ruins of a Calmecac school was found in 2006 near the Templo Mayor, in the Guatemala 18 street behind the Metropolitan Cathedral. An exhibition will be open to the public in few months.

The big puzzle is that Lord Pakal Ahau has made a second logo revision of his Calmecac School For Gifted Children, indicating his good intentions to open and educate a future generation of children who will have paranormal characteristics as he does. Wikipedia refers them as indigo children however their description seems biased.

The new logo image is included below and resembles a DNA chromosome instead of the original Ollin symbol attributed to Quetzalcoatl, the patron of the ancient Calmecac houses. It seems Pakal is creating a cultural continuity in the New Mesoamerican Mythology for 2012 and beyond.

2012 Pakal's Calmecac School Logo

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