Vancouver 2010: Mayan Figure Skater

Figure skating on ice is a beautiful sport in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. No doubt why the women event is always scheduled at the end of the games to show the best prima donnas on ice.

According to the official Vancouver 2010 website, the competition is scored following certain rules. During each performance the judges assign a grade of execution (GOE) to every element that is executed. This makes up the technical score. At the conclusion of each performance, the judges assign additional program component scores that measure the overall technical and presentation abilities of the skater or team. The individual or team with the highest totals of technical and program component scores is deemed the winner. In addition to the panel of judges, there is also a technical panel that determines the name and the level of difficulty of each element as it is performed.

We have included this illustration for our Maya fans in case you are curious how our Mayan girl would look in competition against the Japanese and the Russians. The result is pretty cool showing her Mayan fashionable colors after landing a triple lutz – triple toe combination.

Vancouver 2010 Women Figure Skating in Mayan Colors

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