Mayan Destiny and Vancouver 2010 Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies

We are taking a brief hiatus from our intensive 2012 coverage to go to Vancouver’s amazing opening ceremony on February 12, 2010. Of course, you probably suspect what is in the box for 2012 in our award-winning Maya blog.

The following image is from the Winter Olympics’ Opening Ceremony included in their official website, Vancouver 2010, in the photo gallery. Unfortunately, without description so we leave the interpretation to the reader’s imagination.

But wait, something got our perceptive attention in their website, almost hidden in a small background image on the right top corner of their home page. We enlarged the image and there it was the Maya design behind the luger and the athlete in a crash position. Very paranormal to our Maya predicting senses! So, it seems someone was destined to pay the price in the opening ceremony news with his life unfortunately. A 21-year old Georgian luger named Nodar Kumaritashvili. This young man’s death was unnecessary. Can you call it coincidence or destiny?

And here’s NBC still shot of the Georgian luger horrific crash. Wake up number 30 as it would say in the Mothman Prophecies.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Quote From The Guardian, Charlottetown. Sports. 02/13/10: ” It’s a tragedy that Kumaritashvili died, and nearly as great a shame his host country will forget him as soon as Canada wins something.”

Of course, Canadians are not stupid. Read behind the lines. Make the track faster, steeper, break the speed from 75 mph to 95 mph so Canada as the host country keeps the Olympic luger records for future Olympics and sports technology. It’s all business in our minority report, my friend.

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