2012: In Trutina Video – New Release

This new release featured film speaks for itself about the 2012 Final Maya Prophecy in the life of our Lord Pakal Ahau and our New Mesoamerican Mythology.

So to speak it is the continuation of the previous video Bubbles of Love, the spiritual wedding of Lord Pakal with the Virgin of Guadalupe of Tonantzin, performed in Los Angeles in 2005. Why? Because according to Lord Pakal Ahau it was necessary to bring the perfect union of the Sacred Feminine with his Holy Body at the end of the Maya calendar of 13 baktuns.

The Latin phrase In Trutina means between love and chastity and this is precisely what he achieved to finish the Maya prophecy. Amazing man with a beautiful life!

You can watch the video now in our new channel. Click this link. Enjoy it!

Maya 2012: In Trutina Spiritual Wedding of Lord Pakal“Jesus and the Kingdom of God is within you. Not in buildings of wood and stone.” (Lord Pakal Ahau. 2005).

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