2012 Bubbles Of Love – The Mayan Wedding

In this featured video (2007), we relate a great event. The Maya spiritual wedding of the Virgin of Guadalupe (in Maya, Coatlaxopeuh) with the Holy Body of Our Lord Pakal Ahau.

According to Lord Pakal this event was made possible in a small ceremony in Los Angeles to fulfill the 2012 Final Mayan Prophecy of 2012. In Maya modern astrology, it is the sacred union of two constellations, Leo (Regulus star) represented by Lord Pakal and Virgo (Guadalupe of Tonantzin).

We have explained this wonderful part of the 2012 Prophecy in the article 2012 Virgin of Guadalupe’s Sky Map as Lord Pakal indicated in the spiritual mysteries of his Sacred Hierogamy Doctrine.

The featured video can be watched now in this page of our new video channel. It is our New Mesoamerican Mythology in action. Enjoy it and celebrate!

Lord Pakal Ahau and Virgin of Guadalupe 2012

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